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" Papa "

I had a patient with a stage 4 pancreatic cancer that refused to be in a hospice care, I fondly called him “Papa”. Papa was living alone with his two kids but I’ve never officially met them. His daughter occasionally called me within the 4 months; I worked eight hours in the morning but I would always go back at night and willingly stay without pay to accommodate Papa because he did not have anyone to look after him at night. Although, I know he was in severed pain; he would refuse to take Morphine so I would give him Tylenol every 4 hours for pain. I know how much he was suffering because I’d hear him grunting, that’s why I always include him to my prayers.

After 4 months, my agency who I was working with at the time told me that they are terminating the service because Papa is not financially well to pay for the service. I was in disbelief because I know Papa needs help. So, I told my agency that I would keep doing my duty even without pay. And so, I did extend my services for three weeks, it came to the point where I would co-pay for his medications and all his necessities, But the family have promised to reimburse me when they sell his house. I would ask his son to pay for Papa’s Life Insurance but they’d tell me they can’t afford it.

After three weeks of my extended service, I and papa had a good day; he had a good meal, brushed his teeth, cut his toe nails and sponge bath to prepare him to bed. We talked for a little bit and I told him to go rest and he said thank you.That was the last sentence I heard from him before he passed. I’ve informed the family that he passed away, they all came and spent the last moment with him. Although, they’ve sold Papa’s house, I never really got reimbursed from what they’ve promised and it's okay. I helped Papa because I knew in my heart that it was something I could do. I know that “GOD IS GOOD” and that I will receive blessings in any form of way.

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